PIDTEK become one of VERTILAS distributors in China

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VERTILAS GmbH was founded in December 2001. The headquarters is in Garching. VERTILAS is one of the leading global providers in the field of long-wavelength Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser diodes (VCSEL). The laser products are for gas sensing, optical communications and customer specific applications.
Shanghai PIDTEK has many years of sales and marketing experience in TDLAS, infrared gas sensors and optical communication. Verilas's VSCEL products will expand the company's product line from mid infrared gas sensors to near infrared gas sensors.
Compared with NDIR optical gas sensing solution, TDLAS has much lower LDL. It will be suitable product in ppm lever NH3/H2S/HCL gas sensing. VERTILAS VCESL has been widely used in TDLAS solution. It will be very helpful for Chinese environmental protection.
Shanghai PIDTEK will provide customers with new technical solutions for gas detection through VERTILAS VSCEL products. With gas sensing and optical technology as the core, we provide various product selection and technical support for end user.