PIDTEK become an infrasolid distribution partner in China

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Infrasolid, one German high tech company, produces and develops nanotechnology infrared sources. Infrasolid infrared source is the most efficient black body light source in the world. The optical efficiency reaches 50%, the wavelength range is 2-16 μ m, and the maximum optical power is 1W. Infrasolid infrared source is widely used in NDIR gas detection, photoacoustic spectroscopy and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.
The patented technology and unique reflector design of Infrasolid infrared source overcome the limitations of emission signal shortage and incomplete sealing. Advanced products greatly expand the application field of infrared spectrum analysis.
As the main partner of Infrasolid in China, Shanghai PIDTEK has more than ten years of marketing experience in the gas sensor industry. We will be committed to expanding the market of medical breath analysis, environmental monitoring , automobile exhaust emission monitoring, refrigerant and SF6 leakage.