PIDTEK is a professional distributor focusing on sensor technology. It is headquartered in Shanghai, China.
PIDTEK start their business with infrared sensor technology. The distributed products include infrared emitter, PbSe and PbS detector, pyroelectric detector. Professional technical support, good after-sales service, as well as the ability to deliver on time, has been widely praised by customers. Now PIDTEK also distribute VSCEL,UV detectors and gas sensors.
PIDTEK is committed to introduce cost-effective products based on users' needs. They keep closely communicated with European and American manufacturers in order to provide customized product. Thus, the end users can enjoy the most suitable product with their own application and enhance their competitiveness. Win-win cooperation is PIDTEK lifelong ambition.
Pidtek has rich background of sensing technology sales and support. They provide product introduction, structure and circuit design consultation, and feasibility analysis for customer's product design. They believe that they will greatly shorten the product development cycle and reduce unnecessary common errors by close communication with customers.
The target applications are mainly used in environmental gas monitoring, medical monitoring and breath analysis, flame detection, optical fiber communication, automotive electronics, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)and robot, etc.