Analog TO-39 IR Detectors
Analog TO-39 IR Detectors

Pyreos offers a full range of analogue TO packaged sensors from single to quad channel in the common sized TO-39 packages. The products are reliable and easy to use. They all benefit from both the advanced performance of our thin film pyroelectric sensor and the integration of a front-end operational amplifier within the package.

Together this provides a compelling competitive advantage offering extremely strong responsivity, fast frequency of operation, faster response than any other pyroelectric or thermopile, instant switch-on, and unparalleled robustness.  The customers are setting new performance records in terms of measurement resolution, temperature range, and real-time analysis.


Key features

◆ Fastest response leading to higher resolution and lower power consumption

◆ High responsivity & SNR

◆ Robust – low microphonics

◆ Thermally stable to slow drift and thermal shock

◆ Instant switch-on

◆ Long operational life- a stable pyroelectric material

◆ Operational from 1-40 Hz.  Class-leading SNR above 10-15 Hz

◆ Wide filter choice

◆ Extended temperature range

◆ Less external gain required

◆ Reliable & easy to use

◆ Outstanding support of hardware, software and algorithm development