Linear array sensors
Linear array sensors

Pyreos has unique capability to produce un-cooled pyroelectric linear array sensors which offer high performance right across the infrared spectrum and especially in the mid infrared. The unique thin film pyroelectric material can be patterned to provide micron-scale individual sensor pixels on the thermally isolating membrane layer of our sensor device. These high-resolution patterned sensors are produced in high volumes using standard MEMS foundry processes.

The linear arrays are housed in a standard metal dual in line 16 pin package, that outputs an amplified, analogue multiplexed signal. The arrays can be supplied with a variety of filter window options including NIR and mid-IR linear variable filters (LVFs), as well as anti-reflection coated Si windows. These linear array products – spectral engines – provide a radical new low cost alternative approach to building IR spectrometers and spectral analysers.


Key features

◆ High sensitivity giving higher resolution and smaller products

◆ Fastest operation, no warm-up reducing operating cycles and system power use

◆ Low power-consumption enabling handheld, wireless and small products

◆ Robust MEMs sensor structure allowing rugged products

◆ Choice of resolution optimised for different applications

◆ Low cost uncooled solutionSmall size and weight

◆ Extensive IPR protectionWide range of development kits which ensure rapid system development

◆ Outstanding support of hardware, software and algorithm development