Single-Pixel IR Detectors
Single-Pixel IR Detectors

trinamiX provide Single-Pixel infrared detectors with various types. Such as Bare chip,PCB pre-bonded,TO package and TEC TO-packaged detectors.

Bare chip detectors are protected by a thin-film encapsulation. They can be directly wire-bonded to printed circuit boards. Bare chip solutions enable small, flexible and very efficient devices. For the customer without wire-bonding expertise,bare chip detectors on small PCB pre-bonded solderable adapter PCBs allow them to benefit from the detectors’ patented thin-film encapsulation, pick and place compatibility, small footprint and large field of view. 

All TEC based trinamiX detectors incorporate a thermistor which allows for a precise temperature stabilization of the active element. The single and two stage TECs provide for operation at extremely low temperatures for increased detectivity and sensitivity at larger wavelengths independent of the ambient conditions.


Key features

 PbS and PbSe Single-Pixel detector for wavelengths from 1 to 5 µm

◆ Bare chip,PCB pre-bonded,TO package and TEC TO-packaged detectors are optional

◆ Thin-film encapsulation for long lifetime and highest detectivity at room temperature