Single-Pixel IR Detectors
Single-Pixel IR Detectors

trinamiX provide Single-Pixel infrared detectors with various types. Such as Bare chip,PCB pre-bonded,TO package and TEC TO-packaged detectors.

Bare chip detectors are protected by a thin-film encapsulation. They can be directly wire-bonded to printed circuit boards. Bare chip solutions enable small, flexible and very efficient devices. For the customer without wire-bonding expertise,bare chip detectors on small PCB pre-bonded solderable adapter PCBs allow them to benefit from the detectors’ patented thin-film encapsulation, pick and place compatibility, small footprint and large field of view. 


Package: TO-5, TO-8


Key features

 PbS and PbSe Single-Pixel detector for wavelengths from 1 to 5 µm

◆ Bare chip,PCB pre-bonded,TO package and TEC TO-packaged detectors are optional

◆ Thin-film encapsulation for long lifetime and highest detectivity at room temperature