PbSe 4 Channel Infrared Detector
PbSe 4 Channel Infrared Detector

The compact design of PbSe 4 Channel Infrared Detector encapsulates four highly sensitive lead selenide detector chips inside the TO-5 housing. The detectable spectral range is 1-5.5 μ m. We can configure filters for various bands according to the targeted gases, Such as CO2, CO, HC, etc.

Supplier:Infrared Materials 

Package: TO-5


Brand Introduction:


Infrared Materials Incorporated is a manufacturer of high performance Lead Sulfide (PbS) and Lead Selenide (PbSe) IR detectors and array components, sensitive in the IR spectral range of 1– 5.5 microns.  PbS and PbSe detectors are commonly used as the critical sensing element in commercial process control systems, industrial gas monitors, spectroscopy, imaging, and medical CO2 gas analyzers, fire & spark detection systems, combustion control systems, moisture analyzers, and flash detection systems. 


Infrared Materials has extensive experience in building drop-in replacement assemblies in single and multi-channel configurations to match the form, fit, and functional requirements of one-off prototype projects and production level programs.  The detectors are produced in Santa Rosa, California and distributed through representatives worldwide.

Key features:

     Four discrete ultra-sensitive optical channels in one package
     Support simultaneous measurement of multiple materials

     Sensitive in 1 to 5.5 um range for near and mid IR applications
     Compact TO-5 package maximizes potential applications

     Ideal for portable instruments where size is critical

     Hermetically sealed for use in harsh environments

    Available with narrow band pass (NBP) spectral filters

Filter Specifications:


  • Element 1 – HC, CWL = 3.44 +/- .03 um, Transmission      > 85% at CWL
  • Element 2 – REF, CWL = 3.84 +/- .04 um, Transmission      > 85% at CWL
  • Element 3 – CO2, CWL = 4.26 +/- .04 um, Transmission      > 85% at CWL
  • Element 4 – CO, CWL = 4.64 +/- .05 um, Transmission      > 85% at CWL

Optional Accessories:


4-Channel Detector Acquisition System (QDAS).  Optimized for PbS & PbSe Infrared Detectors.


Typical applications:
     NDIR Gas Sensing
     Target gas includeCO,CO2,HC