3 Watt Cooled PbS Detectors
3 Watt Cooled PbS Detectors

3 Watt Cooled PbS Detectors can extend the wavelength range of detectable gases, increase signals, and improve the detection rate and signal-to-noise ratio of the PbS detector.

Compared with 2 Watt Cooled PbS Detectors, the 3 Watt Cooled PbS Detectors can have the higher signal, thus, it is suitable for the lower LDL gas detection.

3 Watt Cooled PbS Detectors is also an ideal choice for applications in temperature changing environments, as by adjusting the TEC current, the temperature of the infrared detector element can be maintained stable, reducing the detection signal drift caused by temperature changes.

Supplier:Infrared Materials 

Package: TO-66, TO-8


Brand Introduction:


Infrared Materials Incorporated is a manufacturer of high performance Lead Sulfide (PbS) and Lead Selenide (PbSe) IR detectors and array components, sensitive in the IR spectral range of 1– 5.5 microns.  PbS and PbSe detectors are commonly used as the critical sensing element in commercial process control systems, industrial gas monitors, spectroscopy, imaging, and medical CO2 gas analyzers, fire & spark detection systems, combustion control systems, moisture analyzers, and flash detection systems. 


Infrared Materials has extensive experience in building drop-in replacement assemblies in single and multi-channel configurations to match the form, fit, and functional requirements of one-off prototype projects and production level programs.  The detectors are produced in Santa Rosa, California and distributed through representatives worldwide.

Key features:
     3 Watt TEC Cooled
     High sensitivity of 1–3.3um Wavelength

     TO-66, TO-8 Package
     Sapphire windows, specific wavelength filters, etc




Ambient Temperature:+25°C
Detector Operating Temperaturesee model types below
Typical Cooler Power at or near Max. Cooling:1.8 volts @ 1.2 amps
Standard Specifications – Electrical
All detector specifications are at a bias voltage of 50 V/mm distance between electrodes applied across the detector and with a one MegOhm load resistor in series. All specifications apply at or near maximum cooling with the heat sink @ +25°C.

Wavelength of Max. Response2.62.7
D*(λpk, 630 Hz, 1 Hz)2.0 x 10113.0 x 1011
cm Hz1/2 w-1
Element Resistance (Dark)
Time Constant (not typically measured)
Rated Element Temperature

Delta T at or near Max. Cooling7075

When using the table below, remove parenthesis and insert appropriate designation for package type in the space. Example: 6 for TO-66, 8 for TO-8.

Model NumberElement
Responsivity (lpk, 630) v/wOperating TempStandard Package Options
A1-( )C4T1 x 11,400,0002,100,000-50°CTO-66, TO-8
A2-( )C4T2 x 2700,0001,100,000-50°CTO-66, TO-8
A3-( )C4T3 x 3430,000650,000-45°CTO-66, TO-8
A6-( )C2T6 x 6240,000360,000-25°CTO-66, TO-8
* Minimum D*(lpk, 630, 1) >1.5 x 1010 cm Hz1/2 w-1*

Typical applications:
     NDIR Gas Sensing
     Spark detection, flame detection