SiC photodiodes with amplifier
SiC photodiodes with amplifier

SiC provides the unique property of extreme radiation hardness, near-perfect visible blindness, low dark current,high speed and low noise. These features make SiC the best available material for visible blind semiconductor UV detectors.

The SiC photodiodes with trans-impediance amplifier as I/V-converter (current-voltage-converter) are individually equipped with amplifiers to optimally meet specific application requirements.


    Key features

    ◆ Built-in decadic step feedback resistor (10 MΩ, 100 MΩ, 1 GΩ or custom)

    ◆ Single supply voltage (5 V or 13 V)

    ◆ Gain infinitely adjustable via external shunt

    ◆ Optional version with remote amplifier for applications with high radiation intensities

    ◆ Optionally with radiation-resistant filter for UV-A, UV-B, UV-BC and UV-C

    ◆ Fully hermetic TO-5 housing