Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters
Ultra Narrow Bandpass Filters

With the narrowest bandwidths and highest transmission in the industry, Alluxa’s thin-film, ultra-narrow bandpass filters will optimize the performance of laser based systems.




Key Features


Depending on the wavelength ranges and requirements of your system, Alluxa narrowband interference filters can be custom designed to meet one or more of the following challenging specifications:


    Up to 98% peak transmission

    Up to OD10 blocking by design

    CWL at any wavelength from the UV to the near IR (~250 nm to 1800 nm)

    CWL tolerances as tight as 0.05 nm

    FWHM bandwidths as narrow as 0.1 nm

    TWE as low as 0.01 wave RMS / inch measured at 632.8 nm


Flat-top, ultra-narrow bandpass filters are specifically designed to have extremely steep edges and high transmission throughout the entire passband. This square spectral shape is able to be achieved for bandwidths as narrow as 0.1 nm. Flat-top narrowband filters are ideal for LIDAR, Raman spectroscopy, and other applications that require the use of precision laser transmitting filters or laser cleanup filters.