PIDTEK join the Pyreos’s distribution network in China

release time:2021-09-28number of times read:585

PIDTEK, a Chinese professional distributor of advanced sensing technology, today announced that it is joining Pyreos’s distribution network in China. Pyreos is the world’s only thin film pyroelectric sensor company meaning that it supplies the fastest, smallest such devices and has a unique digital integrated SMD range.
Pyreos is at the forefront of sensor and detector technology, developing market leading products that respond faster, improve responsivity and minimise power consumption for gas, flame, food safety and oil applications.
Perry Yang, Sales manager at PIDTEK, said, “Our sales professionals provide the best solutions and the highest levels of service to our customers. Our partnership with Pyreos will prove invaluable as we support customers with gas, flame or motion sensing requirements”.
In 2020, high-speed breath analysis technique based on NDIR CO2 measurement has become mandatory in many hospitals worldwide due to Covid-19. As a major supplier of pyroelectric sensors, Pyreos sensor revenues are much higher than previous years.
As PIDTEK have above ten years sales and technical support experience in breath gas analyse application, PIDTEK will give Pyreos immediate access to those customers who already have long-term relationships with PIDTEK.