Automobile Exhausted Gas Detection

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Automobile exhausted gas is one of the main sources of air pollution. Regularly inspection of the vehicle exhaust emission in the automobile maintenance station is an effective action. The control of exhaust emission will be helpful for improving the ambient air quality.
The main components in the automobile exhaust are CO, HC, CO2, NOx and O2. They are using NDIR for CO, HC, CO2, NOx and electrochemical gas sensor for O2.
For NDIR solution, it needs to detect CO, HC, CO2, NOx at the same time. Generally, it needs two infrared gas sensor modules. One four channel infrared sensor detects CO, HC, CO2, and the other dual channel infrared sensor detects NOx.
Considering the weak infrared absorption intensity of NOx and CO, it require a high radiation power infrared emitter. Infrasolid's electrically modulated infrared source is the most efficient in the world. The optical power of HIS550R and HIS2000R is 200MW and 1W respectively. These two infrared sources are very suitable for this application.