C13 Urea Breath Analyse

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China is a major country of gastric cancer. It reaches about 40% in the world. Gastric disease detection can be achieved by Helicobacter pylori detection in the stomach. Compared with the traditional gastroscopy and other detection methods, it can reduce the pain of patients.
The detection principle is as follows: Helicobacter pylori in the stomach can decompose the oral carbon labeled urea into ammonia and C-labeled carbon dioxide depending on its high activity of endogenous urease. The latter is easily diffused into the blood and produce exhale gas through the lungs. The exhale gas will be detected by C13 breath analyzer.
C13 breath analysis require to detect PPM and % CO2. Non dispersive infrared analysis (NDIR) are widely used in this analyzer.
The lifetime of more than 5 years reduces the maintenance cost of the machine. Non-contact detection can prevent cross infection of diseases. In addition, it is suitable for testing infants, children and pregnant women due to non-radioactive.
Infrasolid nano infrared source HIS550R-OWC is an ideal infrared emitter for ppm lever CO2 detection due to the 200 MW high optical power. Meanwhile, high optical power reduces the signal noise in the long gas sample cell, thus reduce the problem caused by the processing defects of long gas sample cell. In addition, the pulse electric modulation function can eliminate the mechanical chopper and other moving parts so as to improve the stability of the whole equipment.