SF6 Monitoring

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SF6 gas is widely used in electrical equipment insulation and dielectric applications. More than 10000 tons of SF6 gas are produced every year in the world.SF6 gas is a very strong greenhouse gas. If there are too many SF6 gases in the environment, it is possible to cause suffocation.

SF6 gas detection applications can be divided into purity detection and leakage detection .SF6 purity measurement can be used in filling electrical equipment (such as disconnecting switches). SF6 ppm content leakage detection can be used to ensure the personal safety and environmental safety of the operators.

As NDIR is one of effective solutions for SF6 monitoring, It can meet the demand of detecting low concentration SF6 gas, and has the advantages of fast response, high selectivity.SF6 infrared sensing is based on NDIR infrared absorption principle. It determines the SF6 concentration according to the absorption amount of SF6 gas at 10.6 microns.


◆Infrared source: HIS550R-OWC.