Natural Gas Leak Detection

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Natural gas is a clean and efficient energy. Meanwhile, it is flammable and explosive. If a large amount of natural gases are accidentally leaked into the air, it may lead to casualties, environmental pollution, explosion, etc.
Methane is the main component of natural gas. It reach up to more than 90% in the natural gas. The detection methods are NDIR and TDLAS.
Due to the explosion of natural gas, the NDIR gas sensor itself is required to be intrinsically safe and explosion-proof. Infrasolid infrared source has high radiation efficiency, which can produce high output power at low temperature so as to reduce the combustion and explosion of CH4 which are caused by high temperature. Moreover, infrared source chip can be completely sealed in order to prevent CH4 leakage from contacting the chip, thus avoiding the influence of high temperature on the chip surface.
In the leakage detection with ultra-low CH4 concentration, the gas analyzer based on TDLAS can be considered. Vertilas laser source can meet the requirements of TDLAS methane detection. Due to the high selectivity of VSCEL, there is no interference of other gases. Moreover, the minimum detection limit can reach 0.5ppm CH4.