Flame Detection

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The optical flame detection is based on infrared sensor or ultraviolet sensor. Its detection target is to detect the unique optical characteristics of the flame and distinguish the flame radiation and background noise. Solar radiation and arc radiation are common background noises.
Infrared sensor can be used for detecting naked fire. It will detect the CO2 concentration which was produce by HC combustion in the air. As a result, it could not give early warning of the fire.
Product-Infrasolid Infrared emitter
The infrared sensor is usually placed in the high-speed railway, airport, shopping malls and other public places. Due to the high installation position, it is not easy to maintain regularly. Infrasolid Infrared emitter can be used as the standard radiation source. It can check whether the infrared sensor works or not in real time.
The infrared spectrum range of Infrasolid Infrared emitter is 2-14 μ m, which can meet the requirements of 2-5 μ m mid infrared band of flame radiation. In addition, the electric modulation frequency of Infrasolid Infrared emitter can be achieved with the same as the frequency of flame.